All State Band- Vicki Ruiz . 

Audit & Financial- Anita Hoyt  & David Anderson 

Bear Lake Camp- Dave Hill 

June 2020 Report

Pediatric Cancer- Roberta Sexton 

June 2020 Report

Children Services & Reading Action- Amy Shepherd 

June 2020 Report

Constitution & By-Laws/Rules- Diana Kern  

Diabetes Awareness -DAD Grant- Terri Huffman

June 2020 Report

District Convention- Peg Griggs  

June 2020 Report

Elections Sergeant At Arms- Jennifer Stowell

Eversight- Carol Downtown 

June 2020 Report

Forum-Lions of Michigan- Roberta Sexton 

June 2020 Report 

Global Leadership Coordinator- Roberta Sexton  

June 2020 Report

Global Membership Coordinator- Dave Hill  

June 2020 Report

Global Service Coordinator- Terry Walters  

June 2020 Report

Hearing & Speech- Peg Griggs  

June 2020 Report

International Convention- David Anderson 

June 2020 Report

LCIF Coordinator- Kelly Lubbe 

June 2020 Report

Leader Dog for the Blind- Dave Hill 

June 2020 Report

Leo Advisor-Nicole Nessler-Stuhec  


Peace Poster- Craig Bishop  

Jan. 2020 Report 

Penrickton Center- Vicki Lautzenheiser  

No June 2020 Report

Public Relations & Social Media- Makena L’Huillier  & Michael Scott   

Quest- Stan Masters 


White Cane- Ron Kohmescher   


Winter Camp for the Blind- Roger Bosse  

June 2020 Report

Youth Exchange- Nicole Nessler-Stuhec

Zone Chair 2020 June Reports

Region I/Zone I Zone Chair- Rich Westbury

Region I/Zone III Zone Chair- Patricia Kohmescher  Nothing to Report

Region II/Zone I Zone Chair- Don Rose

Region II/Zone II Zone Chair- Dave Hill  

Region II/Zone III Zone Chair- Nancy Hill 

Region III/Zone I Zone Chair- Roger Bosse 

Region III/Zone II Zone Chiar-  Terri Huffman

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