Karl Sorrick Award
Governor's Club Award of Merit 
Governor's Personal Club Award of Merit
Ambassador of Good Will
International Presidents Medal
International Leadership Medals
Melvin Jones Fellows
S.A. Dodge Award
Lions of Michigan Hall of Fame 
Lions of Michigan Service Humanitarian Award 
John S. Noel Fellows
Helen Keller Fellows
Ken E. Lautzenheiser Fellows
Eversight Michigan Fellows 
Eversight William (Doc) Barr Knight For Vision Fellows 
Eversight Charles Weir Sight Conservation Fellows 
Wendell Doty Award
Lion/Lioness/Leo of the Year
Spark Plug Award
Outstanding Membership Gain Award


KARL SORRICK Traveling Award 

This contest is to determine the District, Region and Zone Club of the Year to be presented at the District Convention. It will run from February 1, 2021 to February 1, 2022. All entries are to be submitted to District Cabinet Secretary by February 15, 2022.


  1. Twenty (20) points for providing funds to a community agency within our district. (Maximum 40 points) Example: Red Cross, food bank, church, etc.
  2. Fifty (50) points for sponsoring a Peace Poster Contestant.
  3. Ten (10) points for each pair of glasses provided. (Max 100 points)
  4. Ten (10) points for donations given to Youth Activities. Example: scouts, athletic teams, youth clubs, Leos, etc. (Maximum 50 points)
  5. Ten (10) points for donations to individuals, i.e. scholarships, travel or accessibility needs.(Maximum 50 points)
  6. Ten (10) points for club involvement in community improvement projects. (Maximum 40 points)
  7. Fifty (50) points for holding a KidSight/SPOT Screening. (Maximum 200 points)
  8. Twenty (20) points for having a Lions Mint Dispenser in your community. (Max 40 points)
  9. Ten (10) points for each eyeglass collection site set up in your community. (Maximum 40 points)
  10. Twenty (20) points for sponsoring a Diabetes Awareness session in your community.


  1. Fifty (50) points for each member serving on the District Cabinet.
  2. Twenty Five (25) points for each member chairing a District Committee.
  3. Twenty (20) points for each District 11-B1 All State Band member financially supported by your club.
  4. Ten (10) points for submitting your club newsletter or news stories to the District Newsletter Editor. (Max 50 points)
  5. Ten (10) points maximum for having a Lions Welcome sign in good condition displayed in your community.
  6. Fifty (50) points for 10% of your club membership collaborating with another club on a project or a fundraiser. (Max 150 points)
  7. Fifty (50) points for participating in the Reading Action Program.
  8. Ten (10) points for donation to EACH of the following projects OR 250 points total for donations made to ALL of the projects at the Parade of Checks: All State Band, Winter Camp, Michigan Braille Transcribing, Diabetes, Radio Reading Services, Hearing and Speech, Leos, Sight Conservation, Children’s Services, Youth Outreach (Quest), Penrickton Center, Deaf Picnic, Michigan Youth Challenge Academy
  9. One hundred (100) points for financially supporting ALL the following projects at the Parade of Checks: Bear Lake Camp, Eversight, Leader Dogs for the Blind, Lions of Michigan Foundation (LOMF), Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF).
  10. Fifty (50) points (max) if you have a presentation done at one of your membership meetings by the GMT, GLT, or GST chairperson.
  11. Ten (10) points per outside speaker at your regular meetings (Max 50 points).


  1. Ten (10) points for each new member.
  2. Fifty (50) points for a net gain of members by Feb1, 2022.
  3. Thirty (30) points for having an orientation program in place.
  4. Twenty (20) points for holding Candy Days.
  5. Five (5) points for each member who worked on White Cane (Max 30 points.)


  1. Ten (10) points for every 10% of your club members attending the District Convention.
  2. Ten (10) points for every 10% of your club members attending the Multiple District 11 Convention.
  3. Ten (10) points for each member attending the Fall Conference.
  4. Ten (10) points for each member attending Banner Exchange.
  5. Ten (10) points for each member attending the Spring Leadership Forum.
  6. Ten (10) points for each club member attending the Michigan Forum.
  7. Ten (10) points for 5% of your members visiting another club. (Max 100 points)
  8. Ten (10) points for each Zone Meeting attended. (Max 30 points)
  9. Thirty (30) points for each member attending Higgins Lake Leadership Institute


The Club Award of Merit will be a banner patch awarded to any club that completes 20 items, including all 7 of the required items listed. All items must be completed between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022. Patches will be awarded at the Fall Conference. All entries are to be submitted to District Cabinet Secretary by June 30, 2022.


  1. District, State and International dues are paid to date.
  2. International account is current and up to date.
  3. Have the following elected Officers: President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Chair.
  4. All District and MyLCI reports submitted 100% on time.
  5. Club was represented at the District Convention.
  6. Club performed a Community Service Project.
  7. Club held or participated with another club in at least (1) KidSight or SPOT screening.


  1. Installed one or more new members.
  2. Sponsored a new Lions club.
  3. Sponsored a new Leo or Campus Club.
  4. Increased the club’s net membership from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.
  5. Club was represented at TWO Zone Meetings.
  6. Club was represented at the Fall Conference.
  7. Club had at least THREE officers attend the Spring Leadership Conference.
  8. Club was represented at the Michigan Forum.
  9. Provided eyeglasses to a needy adult or child.
  10. Club sponsored a Peace Poster Contest.
  11. Collected eyeglasses and/or hearing aids.
  12. Attend or had a presentation on Diabetes Awareness.
  13. Assisted a local school with funding or service.
  14. Club participated on a community service project with another club or organization.
  15. Club had a GLT, GMT, or GST member speak at a meeting.
  16. Club has ever participated and completed the Club Excellence Process.
  17. Club has participated in a Reading Action Program event.


  1. Contribute a minimum of $10.00 to each of the following: All State Band, Diabetes, Hearing and Speech, Michigan Braille Transcribing, Radio Reading Service, LCIF, LOMF, Winter Camp, and Michigan Youth Challenge Academy.
  2. Support ALL of the following Projects with a minimum of $10.00: Leader Dog, Eversight, Penrickton Center, Lions of Michigan Foundation (LOMF), Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), Bear Lake Camp.
  3. Purchase $10.00 worth of White Cane supplies by February 28, 2022.


  1. District Membership/Activity reports submitted on time every month.
  2. Membership report completed to MyLCI on time every month.
  3. Maintain a club web page and/or Facebook page.
  4. Contributed photos or articles to District Newsletter Editor quarterly.
  5. Submitted a nomination for District Lion, Lioness, or Leo of the Year.
  6. Submit your club for the Karl Sorrick Traveling Award as “Club of the Year.”
  7. Participated in a GST Group Service Project.


Members must complete 15 of the following to qualify for the Governor’s Personal Award of Merit. All activities must be completed between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022. As soon as you qualify, have your club secretary confirm and report to District Cabinet Secretary by June 30, 2022

  1. Serve as an officer of your club.
  2. Serve as chairperson or a member of a District Committee.
  3. Serve as chairperson or co-chair of a club service project.
  4. Attend at least 75% regular meetings of your club.
  5. Assist in a non-Lion community event or project.
  6. Assist with an educational project in your community.
  7. Participate in a club fundraiser.
  8. Attend ONE zone meeting.
  9. Attend the Fall Conference
  10. Attend the Spring Leadership conference.
  11. Attend Higgins Lake Leadership Institute.
  12. Attend the Lions Leadership in Oak Brook.
  13. Sponsor a new member.
  14. Visit another club.
  15. Submit an article or photo to the district newsletter editor.
  16. Submit an article to your club newsletter editor.
  17. Visit a State or District project sponsored by Lions.
  18. Participate in a community service project sponsored by Lions.
  19. Attend a board meeting or a District cabinet meeting.
  20. Attend the Banner Exchange Picnic.
  21. Receive Guiding Lion Training or recertification.
  22. Receive Club Excellence Process facilitator training.
  23. Participate in a Reading Action Program event.
  24. Participate in Engaging our Youth, Youth Exchange or youth event.
  25. Participate in Protecting our Environment, cleanup, recycling or community beautification project.
  26. Participate in Relieving the Hunger.
  27. Participate in Sharing the Vision.
  28. Participate in a Diabetes Awareness event.



1987 - Kenneth Lautzenheiser PID
2015 - Esther LaMothe PID



Awarded for outstanding service by a Lion to the causes or activities Lions are active in. Nominated by a District Governor. There are a very limited number awarded each year and is the 2nd highest award from LCI.

Harold Geppert - 1979, 1980, 1991
Ken Lautzenheiser - 1992, 1995
Ron Quada - 1999
Paul Frederick - 2000
Richard Tallman - 2002
Clem Ruiz - 2005
Esther LaMothe - 2010
Terry Walters - 2011
Dennis Lautzenheiser - 2013
Gary Babcock - 2014
Barry Allen - 2017
Richard Dettling - 2018
Roger Bosse - 2019


Awarded for outstanding leadership by a Lion on Lions issues or service issues. Nominated by a District Governor. There are a limited number awarded each year and in each State and is the 3rd highest award from LCI.

Don Garber - 1992, 1994
Dale Hart - 1993
Alun Bevan - 1997
David Prohaska - 2000
Gary Babcock - 2002
Esther LaMothe - 2005, 2009
Paul Frederick - 2008
Shirley Frederick - 2010
Roberta Sexton - 2011
Peggy Allen - 2014
LuAnne Bullington - 2014
Barry Allen - 2016
Walter Reed - 2017
Dave Hill - 2018
Terry Walters - 2019
John "Dick" Saxton - 2019



The Melvin Jones Fellowship (MJF) is LCIF's highest honor, and is a recognition of humanitarian work and is presented in honor of donations made to LCIF in the amount of $1,000. Often these donations are made by a group or district on behalf of an honoree. Created in 1973, the fellowship is named for the founder of Lions Clubs International, Melvin Jones. The fellowship represents humanitarian qualities such as generosity, compassion, and concern for the less fortunate. Melvin Jones Fellows receive a lapel pin and a personalized wall plaque in honor of their commitment to helping others. (* progressive)

Adrian Breakfast 
Larry Atkin
Burt Fenby 
Terry Hicks
Charles Ringman* 
Douglas Spade 
Laura VanSickle
Adrian Evening 
Susan Ringman* 
William Suydam 
Ann Arbor Evening 
Kent Bowsher 
Kathleen Harper 
Cathy Koning
Judson Littell
Wilma Luckhardt 
Scott Strieter 
Doris Walker 
George Williams 
Ann Arbor Host 
Jane Baker 
Herbert Benz 
William Brogan 
LuAnne Bullington* 
Howard Conlon 
Ralph Daily 
Morris Dalitz 
Carolyn Downton 
Nona Devine 
William Dufek
William Farrand III 
Arthur Gallagher 
Donald Garber* 
John Henderson 
William Hoffman
Clayton Hollis
Cameron Innes 
Carroll Jackson*
Florence Johnston 
Donald Kiel*
Richard King 
Peter Kraeger 
John Krienke* 
Lisa Langley
Marilyn Lindenauer 
Harold Link
Robert Phillips 
Don Pon 
William Rigot
Richard Robinson 
Kevin Ross
Collin Ross
Arthur Schlanderer
Amy Shepherd
Thomas Taylor 
Alex Teska*
Darcel Tolle 
Henry Velker 
Richard Westbury 
Alison Wright 
Battle Creek Cereal 
John Anderson 
Charles Bates 
James Baum
Robert Bokhart 
Roger Bosse 
Larry Field 
Diane Harkness 
Jack Harkness 
Paul Helm 
Stanley Lassen
Joseph McCarthy* 
James McGarvey 
Thomas Morris 
Ralph Nickerson 
David Sauder 
Glenn Schulz 
Larry Shouldice 
Roger Spriggs 
Harriet Spriggs
Patricia Ann Stiff
Muriel Walters
Battle Creek Host
Marvin Ambs 
John Anderson* 
Cecil Barnes 
Craig Bishop 
Janis Bishop 
Glen Burgess
Samuel Carpenter 
Robert Chockley 
Peter Colquhoun 
John Dammers* 
Albert Dillman 
Wendell Doty 
Michael Downing 
Paul Frederick*
Shirley Frederick*
William Frick 
Donald Garrett 
Jack Gray
Erbin Handy
Frank Hendrickson* 
Nelson Heydenberk 
Glen Johnson 
Richard Jung* 
Donald Korten 
Roger Lewis 
Richard Mac Creery 
John Mally
Ronald Mc Phee
Hotie Messenger
Donald Pope* 
Warren Reed
C. Laverne Robbins 
Betty Robins
B. Mason Shambach 
Robert Sharp 
Russell Sholes
Kay Sootsman 
Robert Spencer
Battle Creek Lakeview
Mac Doolittle 
Phyllis Doolittle 
Lloyd Robins 
John Wagner
Bedford Area 
Ernest Shedd 
Thomas Williams 
Stan Masters
John (Dick) Saxton* 
Branch Area 
Terri Huffman 
Branch County 
Charles Lange 
Richard Marowelli 
Charles Armstrong 
Keith Bloomensaat 
Norman Colbry 
Don Enderby 
Ermil Jones
Donald Kvarnberg 
Daniel Nutt
David Prohaska 
Merlyn Street 
Richard Ulrich* 
Paul Weber 
Harold Anderson*
Thomas Hayes III
Ron Kohmescher 
Beverly Baker-Jones
Dennis Berry 
Norman Brown 
Louis Ceriani 
James Cook
Andy Dettling 
Richard Dettling 
Charles Eddlemon 
William Etzel 
Bruce Forshee 
Lawrence France 
Harold Geppert 
Gary Gould
John Hruska 
Charles Hughes 
James Koch
Bill Marshall 
William S. Marshall
Ron Meyer
L Jay Myers
David Piper
Rex Calvin Reeve
Elvin Ritt
Mel Schroeder
Michael Scott, Jr 
Robert Steptoe 
David Steptoe
Terry Walters* 
Gerald Wheeler 
Grass Lake 
William Anderson 
Hanover Horton 
John Armstrong 
Ronald Chamberlin 
Neil Childs 
Lawrence DeForest 
Dale Hart
Annette Hemeryck
Brian McClain 
Raymond Spicer 
Barbara Treichel* 
Walter Treichel 
Art Winter
Nancy Winter 
Louis Wisniewski 
William Jackson 
Jack Reamer 
Bonnie Reamer
Michael Barton 
Harold Nelson 
E. Eugene Staelens 
Huron Valley Sunrise 
Gary Moss
Bill Rogers 
Thomas Tyson
Inter Lakes
Kenneth Lautzenheiser 
Gene Lee
Clinton Sneary 
Jim Souder 
Roger Studer 
Gerald Walker
Jackson Cascades 
Ralph Hoffman 
John Jacobs 
Donald Parrott
Jackson County Professionals
Kelly Lubbe
Jackson East Jackson 
Gerald Hawley
Rolene Smith
Jackson Eye Openers 
Nancy Anderson 
Gilbert Blanks
Carole Briggs 
Wendy Burns
Douglas Cunningham 
Cynthia Gorton* 
Gerald Horsch 
Margie Horsch 
Jackie Hunter
Esther LaMothe* 
Roger LaMothe* 
Connie Neese 
Margaret O’Connor 
Barbara Ray
Diane Schweda 
Edward Schweda
Carolyn Verbecken 
John Rene Verbecken
Jackson Host 
David P Anderson
Michael Brown
Jim Cavender 
Richard Colony 
Garrett Cope 
David Desnoyer 
James Drake 
Robert Dubois 
Robert Eby 
John McAuliffe 
Albert Neblo 
Robert Oberst 
Jerrol Pfeiffle 
Vernon Shahan 
Vaughn Smoyer 
Arthur Fiebig 
Clinton Justice
Roland Williams
Barry Allen* 
Peggy Allen* 
Bruce Bates
Lisa Chisnell
Richard Davis
Maryann Davis
Siobhan Gorman
Nancy Loudin
Julie Marvin-Manders
Linda Sullivan
Sharon Thomas
Bruce Bidelman 
Christopher Craft
Michael Dauphinais*
Rodney Detty 
Gerald Jones 
Sherrie Jones
Paul Larose 
Thomas Leach 
John Lortz Sr
Dale Manning 
Lowell Maxson
Suzanne Maxson 
Duane Moe
Charles Parker 
Ronald Quada 
Charlene Quada 
Douglas Smith* 
Elmer Stanfill 
Carlton Stanley 
Ramar Wakenight 
Richard Walker 
Donald Weberling 
Michigan Center Lioness
Roberta Sexton*
Susanna White
Michigan Center 
George Crane* 
Donald Craven 
Norman Eastman 
Merton Heintz 
Fred Hill
Edward Kendal
Patrick King 
Lawrence Maino 
Thomas Maino 
William Maitland 
Gerald Morris 
Ricky Pawson 
Gary Potts
Clem Ruiz 
Richard Ruppel* 
Robert Sexton
George Steers
George Woodard
Glenn Buckmaster
Robert Chrisman* 
Charlene Chrisman 
Claude Corwin 
Alan Hager
Robert Hulstrom 
Everell Huttenlocher 
Marlene Huttenlocher 
Duane Iverson 
Joan Iverson 
John Parks 
Michael Sadler 
Arthur Turner
Richard Wright
Donald Anderson 
Gerald Babcock 
Dale Babcock
Linda Babcock 
Thomas Bendall 
Delbert Clayton 
Jeffrey Day 
Cindy Freiss
James Montgomery 
Gary Morrill
Donald Rose
Vicki Ruiz 
Wayne Russler 
Dan Shepherd 
Richard Tallman 
Gene Willi 
North Adams 
Dean Jennings 
Glen Ruder* 
Nancy Ruder 
Harry Schilling 
North Jackson 
Curtis Beck
Gary Beck
Max Engler
Dennis Lautzenheiser 
Vicki Lautzenheiser 
Clive Seydell
Robert Sray
John Utz
Jennifer Wilburn
Parma Spring Arbor
Alun Bevan
Harold Burgett 
Ken Datte 
Leslie Gibbs
Kenneth Bell 
Jacqueline Campbell 
Pittsford Area 
Herbert Black
Quest South East Jackson
Louvenia Shack-Seals
Daniel Campbell
Johnny Long 
Richard Magee* 
Barbara Baggerly 
Margaret Griggs
Gale Jenkins 
Margo Knapp
Lorraine Lindsey 
Howard Main
Vandercook Lake 
Lewis Bouldrey 
Steven Britten 
Carroll Bush
Erv Handloser 
David Hill 
Nancy Hill 
James Sexton 
Ken Strobel 
Everett Marshall*



The S.A. Dodge Award is presented to two Lions each year at the MD11 State Convention. The award is for distinguished service at the district, state, and international levels of the Lions organization. This honor has been bestowed upon the following District 11-B1 Lions:

1969 PID C. Laverne Robbins
1983 PDG Wendell Doty
1985 PID Ken Lautzenheiser
1987 PDG Harold Geppert
1990 PDG John Mally
1991 PDG Vernon Shahan
2007 PID Esther LaMothe
2008 PCC Roger LaMothe
2015 PDG Gary Babcock
2019 PDG Ron Quada
2021 PDG Dennis Lautzenheiser 



The Lions of Michigan Hall of Fame is a project of the Lions of Michigan Foundation. The purpose is to recognize and honor those individuals who have had a significant impact on Lionism in Michigan and to preserve a memory and record of their service. Each year up to four individuals are selected for enshrinement, normally one living member and up to three deceased individuals. 

2009 Ken Lautzenheiser, C. LaVern Robbins, Karl Sorrick
2013 Wendell Doty, Paul Frederick
2014 Roger LaMothe
2015 Esther LaMothe, Dale Hart
2016 Harold Geppert/Harold “Hop” Anderson
2017 Gary Babcock
2018 Clem Ruiz


This award has been replaced by the Hall of Fame.

2003 Lauren Flick
2005 John Drake
2005 Ken Lautzenheiser


The most distinguished form of recognition from LOMF. It is available to recognize an outstanding individual for their service to Lions and those in need. (* progressive)

Barry Allen
Peggy Allen
Gary Babcock**
Richard Dettling
Alan Lairson
Esther LaMothe
Roger LaMothe
Ken Lautzenheiser
Ron Quada
Barbara Ray*
Clem Ruiz*****
Vicki Ruiz**
Roberta Sexton
Amy Shepherd
Carlton Stanley
Nigel Ware (UK)


This award recognizes those who have contributed to issues that relate to sight, hearing and disabilities.  (* progressive)

Barry Allen
Peggy Allen
Gary Babcock
Steve Britten
Ken Datte
Richard Dettling
Lora Durham
Linda Evans
Teri Freeling
Dave Hill
Tom Hutton
Al Lairson
Rowena Lautzenheiser
Vicki Lautzenheiser
Lorraine Lindsey*
Clem Ruiz
Vicki Ruiz
Patricia Stiff
Walter Treichel
Terry Walters
Richard Westbury
Donna Wicker
Bob Zieleniewski


The award is often used to recognize extraordinary efforts by a Lion. Ken E. Lautzenheiser was instrumental in organizing the Lions of Michigan Foundation in the early 1980's.  The Foundation helps to provide a greater impact on communities.     (* progressive)

Barry Allen* 
Peggy Allen 
Don Anderson
Harold “Hop” Anderson 
John Anderson
Nancy Anderson
Chuck Armstrong 
Gary Babcock *
Linda Babcock
Beverly Baker-Jones 
Bruce Bates 
Jim Baum  
Peter Becker
Kenneth Bell 
Alun Bevan 
Bruce Bidelman*
Michele Biondolillo
Craig Bishop
Ted Blatter
Donald Brewer 
Steve Britten 
William Brogan 
Glen Callison Sr 
Louis Ceriani
Bob Chrisman 
Charlene Chrisman* 
Myrl Clayton 
Chris Craft 
George Crane
Pat Crane 
Kim Creger
Ken Datte
Mike Dauphinais 
Jeffrey Day 
Lawrence DeForest
Dick Dettling
Rod Detty 
Carolyn Downton 
John Drake 
Bill Farrand III
Joy Ferguson
Lauren Flick
Bruce Forshee 
Larry France
Paul Frederick 
Shirley Frederick 
Harold Geppert 
Siobhan Gorman 
Cynthia Gorton 
Peg Griggs 
Beverly Heintz 
Mert Heintz
Paul Helm
Russ Henagan
Dave Hill
Nancy Hill
Calvin Holser 
Jerry Horsch 
Margie Horsch
Raymond Hullinger 
Jackie Hunter 
William Jackson 
Ermil Jones 
Sherrie Jones 
Richard Jung
Pat King 
Glenn Knaub
John Koerner
Pat Kohmescher 
Ron Kohmescher 
Nancy Koker 
John Krienke
Al Lairson 
Christine Lake 
Esther LaMothe
Roger LaMothe
Lisa Langley 
Ellie Langston
Earl Laughrey
Dennis Lautzenheiser 
Kenneth Lautzenheiser 
Rowena Lautzenheiser 
Vicki Lautzenheiser 
Jim Laverock
Jim Legault 
Lorraine Lindsey
James Lininger 
Debbie Link 
Robert Mack 
John Mally
Jason Manke 
Virginia Mann 
Richard Marowelli 
Lowell Maxson 
Suzanne Maxson
Joe McAlary
Brian McClain



Eversight Michigan recognizes individuals who demonstrate humanitarian work through service.  (* progressive)

Bino Midena 
Warren Mills 
Joann Moe
Jim Montgomery
Phyllis Morgan
Gary Morrill 
Thomas Morris 
Jay Myers
Al Neblo 
Connie Neese*
Clifton Osborn 
Charles Parker
Tom Penhallegon 
Linda Penhallegon 
Elaine Piper
David Prohaska
Robert Provot 
Ron Quada 
Char Quada
Ron Raiford
Barbara Ray
Bonnie Reamer 
Jack Reamer 
Charles Ringman 
Sue Ringman 
Jim Roberts
Glen Ruder
Clem Ruiz **
Vicki Ruiz****
Richard Ruppel*** 
Dick Saxton* 
Wayne Schuette 
Diane Schweda
Bob Sexton
Don Sharp
Nancy Sharp
Dan Shepherd
Bert Smith Douglas Smith *
Clinton Sneary 
Joann Sneary 
Jim Souder 
Carlton Stanley 
Gerry Steers 
David Steptoe 
Robert Steptoe
Richard Tallman
Claudea Templeton 
Tom Terbrueggen 
Emil Totte
Walt Treichel 
Tom Tyson 
Richard Ulrich
Bill VanVorst
Carolyn Verbecken 
Doris Walker
Gerald Walker 
Richard Walker 
Terry Walters 
Becky Walters
Donald Weberling 
Richard Westbury 
Art Winter
Nancy Winter


The William “Doc” Barr Knights for Vision Fellowship is in recognition of humanitarian work and
awarded to those who donate $1,000 or more to Eversight in a three-year period. (* progressive)

Barry Allen
Peggy Allen
John Anderson
Bill Brogan
LuAnne Bullington 
Michael Cole 
Howard Conlon 
David Desnoyer 
Linda Evans
Mark Jennings
Rod Kirtland
John Krienke
Gary Moss
Ron Quada
Ellie Rogers
Amy Shepherd
Joann Sneary
Claudea Templeton
Walter Treichel 
Tom Tyson
Terry Walters 
Richard Westbury* 
Alison Wright


The A. Charles Weir Sight Conservation Fellowship is in recognition of humanitarian work and awarded to those who donate $500 or more to Eversight in a three-year period. (* progressive)

Barry Allen 
Peggy Allen 
Gary Babcock
Barb Baggerly
Dennis Barry
Craig Bishop
Roger Bosse
Bill Brogan
Wendy Burns 
Kim Creger 
Dick Dettling
Carolyn Downton
David Downton
Laura Durham
Robert Eby
Linda Evans
David Foster
Peg Griggs
Alexander Hicks 
Margie Horsch 
Terri Huffman 
Mark Hymes
Alison Kilduff
Ron Kohmescher 
Pat Kohmescher
Cathy Koning 
John Krienke
Al Lairson
Esther LaMothe 
Victoria Launiere
Lorraine Lindsey
Jerry Mackey 
Nancy Moss
Al Neblo
Connie Neese
Nicole Nessler-Stuhec
Robert Oberst
Becky Omo
Walt & Joy Reed
Vicki Ruiz
Bud Sager
Dick Saxton
Ralph Schmude 
Michael Scott Jr.
Roberta Sexton
 Pat Stiff
Linda Sullivan
Alex Teska
Judy Trefry
Walt Treichel



1995 Wendell Doty, Battle Creek Host
1996 John Mally, Battle Creek Host
1997 Donald Parrott, Jackson Cascades
1998 Ken Lautzenheiser, Inter Lakes
1999 Ron Quada, Marshall
2000 Roger LaMothe, Jackson Eye Openers
2001 Shirley Frederick, Athens Union City
2002 Paul Frederick, Athens Union City
2003 Esther LaMothe, Jackson Eye Openers
2004 Clem Ruiz, Michigan Center
2005 Glen Ruder, North Adams
2006 Richard Jung, Battle Creek Host
2007 Richard Ulrich, Dexter
2008 Gary Babcock, Napoleon
2009 John Krienke, Ann Arbor Host
2010 Diane Schweda, Jackson Eye Openers
2011 Terry Walters, Dexter
2012 Peggy Allen, Manchester
2013 Roberta Sexon, Jackson Host
2014 Dick Dettling, Dexter
2015 Walt Treichel, Hanover-Horton
2016 Barry Allen, Manchester
2017 Connie Neese, Jackson Eye Openers
2018 Dave Hill, Vandercook Lake
2019 Amy Shepherd, Ann Arbor Host


1999-2000  Lion Glen Ruder, North Adams
Lioness Barbara Chinchak, Michigan Center

2000-2001 Lion Roger LaMothe, Jackson Eye Openers
Lioness Carol Lounsberry, Michigan Center

2001-2002 Lion Joy Ferguson, Inter Lakes
Lioness Tina Nichols, Michigan Center

2002-2003 Lion Esther LaMothe, Jackson Eye Openers
Lioness Doris Hamlin, Michigan Center

2003-2004 Lion Bob Chrisman, Munith
Lioness Beverly Heintz, Michigan Center

2004-2005 Lion Alan Schrader, Adrian Breakfast

2005-2006 Lion Clem Ruiz, Michigan Center
Lioness Judy Trefry, Michigan Center

2006-2007 Lion Dick Dettling, Dexter
Lioness Shawn Messner, Michigan Center

2007-2008 Lion Paul Frederick, Athens UnionCity
Lioness Marie Pawson, Michigan Center

2008-2009 Lion Mike Dauphinais, Marshall
Lioness Jane Hochertz, Michigan Center

2009-2010 Lion Diane Schweda, Jackson Eye Openers
Lioness Marcia Audette, Bedford Elsa

2010-2011 Lion Larry France, Dexter
Lioness Jane Hochertz, Michigan Center

2011-2012 Lion Connie Neese, Jackson Eye Openers
Lioness Susie Fish, Michigan Center

2012-2013 Lion Roberta Sexton, Jackson Host
Lioness Laura Yates, Bedford Elsa

2013-2014 Lion Peggy Allen, Manchester
Lioness Denise Griffin, Michigan Center

2014-2015 Lion Margie Horsch, Jackson Eye Openers
Lioness Donna McGuire, Bedford

2015-2016 Lion Barry Allen, Manchester
Lioness Muriel Walters, Bedford

2016-2017 Lion Dennis Berry, Dexter
Lioness Becky Lawrence, Bedford

2017-2018 Lion Dave Hill, Vandercook Lake

2018-2019 Lion Lorraine Lindsey, Tekonsha
Lioness Kristina Smith, Bedford


The PDG Paul Frederick Spark Plug Award is given to the club with the greatest percent increase in membership. An example would be if there are 10 members in a club at the beginning of the year and at the end of the Lion year they have 15 members they had a net gain of 5 members but a 50% gain in membership. 

2009-2010 Ann Arbor Host
2011-2012 Jackson Eye Openers
2012-2013 Munith
2013-2014 Clinton
2014-2015 Pittsford Area
2015-2016 Adrian Evening
2016-2017 Clarklake


The PDG Dave Hill OMG (Outstanding Membership Growth) Award is given to the club that adds the most members in a Lion year. An example would be if a club started the Lion year with 50 members and ended the Lion year with 65 members they would have a net gain of 15 members. The club with the greatest net gain of members gets the OMG Award.

2016-2017   Clarklake +13


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