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To all Lions of District OH 7. Legal issues for Ohio Lions are becoming more important every day. The IRS and the Ohio Attorney General are looking closer than ever at “Not-for-Profits”. The IRS and the Ohio Attorney General each can fine or assess charges against any Lions Club.  If a club keeps up to date with the IRS, the process is fairly simple.  Most clubs only need to file a 990-N form. You have 4 months and 15 days after the close of your Lions Year to file this form.  If the club fails to file this or another form for 3 consecutive years at midnight on the 15th day their tax exemption will automatically be revoked. The steps to get reinstated are covered in one of the listed links.  It is a process that you do not want to do if you can avoid it.  State Sales Tax is the next issue that we will be faced with, along with possibly gaming laws.

Lion Dan Osborn

Ohio Lions Compliance Committee

Lions Legal Considerations - 2023 



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