Wisconsin Lions – Multiple District 27-C2 District Cabinet Meeting Minutes Lac Du Flambeau Conference Center Lac Du Flambeau August 6, 2019 – 10:00 – 12:05 PM
1.  Call to order by DG Mary Ann Gretenhardt
2.  Pledge of Allegiance led by DG Mary Ann
3.  Prayer led by DG Mary Ann
4.  Song led by Lion Judeen Knott
5.  Roll Call/Sign Attendance- See attached
6.  Approve Minutes of May 2019: motion by PDG Dennis Knott and seconded by Lion      Dennis Christianson to approve minutes as presented.  Motion carried
7.  Treasurer’s Report:  Lion Scott Martin presented the budget report.  See Attached.  A       motion was made by PDG Dennis Knott and seconded by 1st VDG Bob Bertch to        file the treasurer’s report for audit. Motion carried.
     Lion Scott Martin informed the cabinet, the audit committee met this week for audit of       the district accounts and developed the budget for this fiscal year.  See attached.  A       motion was made by Lion Judeen Knott and seconded by Lion Rhae Ellen Schnorr to       approved the audit committee report and approve the 2019-2020 district budget as       presented.  Motion carried.  
8.  Old Business      a.  Lions Vision Banners: Discussion took place about banners to be used for Lions           club events to promote Lions sponsorship and visibility in the community.  If you            have banners please send the information of where and how much for these items to            PDG Roger Weber to place on the district website.      b.  Discussion of Lioness joining Lion clubs:  DG Mary Ann provided a frequently            asked questions (FAQ) document to the cabinet to share with their lions and lioness            clubs as to the position of Lions Club International.  DG Mary Ann and 1st VDG Bob            Bertch will be attending meetings to discuss options for all involve.  Discussion            ensued to clarify information provided in the past and the great opportunities for all            as we move forward.  
 10.  Committee Reports:
District Governor:  The theme for the district convention will be “ALL ABOARD”, a train theme.  She shared some of the discussion held earlier at the convention committee meeting and provided additional information from the most recent Council of Governor’s.  She reminded the cabinet we are still looking for someone to fill the positions of 2nd and 3rd Vice District Governor so please contact her or 1st VDG Bob for more information.  She announced Lion Dennis Christianson has been appointed to the Lions Pride board and applications should be released soon for the Wisconsin Lions office manager position.  
1st VDG:  1st VDG Bob Bertch reported he had his 1st training session for this year and learning about his position.  He has been appointed to the editorial board for the state Lions newspaper and announced Lion June Brunell will take his position as zone chair for his area.  
Vision screening:  Lion Patty read a note from Lion Dan Tekippe, our district screened 7,619 children with 638 referred.  He provided a listing of district coordinator’s by zone  and location of the current vision screening instruments.  Lion Patty will send out this listing and reports to complete as your clubs provide vision screening in our district for his reports.  
LCIF:  PDG Lion Dennis Knott provided a report and the pledge cards for Campaign 100.  
Childhood Cancer:  Lion Sandy McCrory had no update at this time.  
Bowling/curling and elections:  Lion Dennis Christianson stated bowling will be held in Clintonville this year, and curling is in Portage.  Our district will host bowling (Merrill) and curling (Whittlesey) in 2021.  For those who want to run for district positions available this next year, remember your paperwork must be turned into the District Governor and elections committee by mid-February.  
Lions Eye Bank:  PDG Greg provided a report about the new building and still trying to sell the former site of the eye bank.  The new director of the eye bank has been instrumental in seeking and obtaining commitment with new partners for the eye bank.  The eye bank continues to partner with UW Madison ophthalmology department for research and using the eye bank as a training site for their residents.  Lion Patty announced PDG Greg has been appointed to the executive board and is the 2nd vice president for the board.  
WLF:  PDG Shirley Lemke noted a few clubs in our district did not donate to WLF this past year.  The Hustle S’More event will be held at camp on August 17th and August 24th is all visitor’s day, 9-11am or 1-3pm.  She provided a newsletter for members.  Please see attached.  
PDG Roger report:  Please see attached report for his various positions in the cabinet.  It was decided our district website will begin to use the Lions e-district website.  PDG Roger will let us know when it is available to share with our district clubs.  
New Visions:  Lion Rhae Ellen notes we continue to recruit family members and women into our district clubs.  
Leader Dog:  Lion Sandra Mode reported on the need for continued donations from all clubs for leader dog. 
My LCI: Lion Patty reported there continues to be concerns with the new My Lion website.  Any clubs who are having difficulty please contact Patty for assistance with signing on and completing membership reports.  
District Editor:  DG Mary Ann reported Lion Pat Duncan is working on the September issue and DG Mary Ann would like to see more clubs send in pictures and stories about their events to be featured on the great work we are doing in our district.  
District Awards:  DG Mary Ann will provide a listing of district and club awards for our membership to be aware of to apply for recognition of the work your club or members are doing for your community.  
Peace Poster:  Lion Judeen states the new packets are out for clubs to request online and the theme is “Journey of Peace”.  A reminder to clubs your award winners must be mailed to DG Mary Ann by November 14th.  
Convention Committee:  Lion Chuck McCrory from Gleason Lions will be the convention chair this year and Gleason Lions are hosting the convention.  The theme is “All Aboard”.  A meeting was held prior to the cabinet meeting.  Some ideas for speakers are Childhood Cancer, Wisconsin Gaming Commission, and Lyme’s Disease.  DG Mary Ann and members will meet this week with Jennifer, Lac Du Flambeau coordinator to begin discussion on the convention. 
Hearing: Lion Scott Martin reported we are getting caught up on the request for donations/applications.  He made a motion to transfer the funds in our hearing account to WLF and seconded by PDG Shirley.  Motion carried.   
Zone Chair Reports:  At the audit committee review, it was decided to take money (up to $100 per zone manager) from misc expenses for zone chairs when they submit request for mileage to zone meetings, when two meetings per zone were held.  Usage of the funds will be reviewed at next years audit committee review, and may then become a separate budget line entry as zone chair reimbursement.  PDG Roger request as many cabinet members as you to attempt to attend events in our district.  
Lion Mary Johanik:  The zone is down to 5 clubs now.  All clubs have been busy with events in their communities.
Lion Fred Radtke:  He is trying to learn his new position and contacting Lions club in his zone.  He is having difficulty getting on myLCI and Lion Patty will assist him so he can be on the site.  
Lion Gary Gretenhardt:  He is a new zone chair and learning his position and making contacts with clubs. 
PDG Dennis Knott:  He is attempting to find a new zone chair who lives in this zone to assume this position.  
1st VDG Bob Bertch and Lion June:  Lion June will be the new zone chair.  Clubs in the zone continue to provide service, community funding and events in their zone.
PDG Greg and Shirley:  There is a zone meeting to be held at the Whittlesey Lions Park on September 9th.  They will provide DG Mary Ann with more information.  
PDG Roger reported the executive director from Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin will attend their meeting on September 11th.  
Next Meeting Date:  October 13th , Gleason Lions Club Facility                                      9 am:  Convention Committee                                    10 am:  District Cabinet Meeting
11.  Adjournment:  A motion by PDG Greg and seconded by 1st VDG Bob to adjourn at 12:05 pm.  Motion carried.
Council of Governor Minutes
2019 – 2020
July 27, 2019

Wisconsin Lions – Multiple District 27-C2

District Cabinet Minutes

Lac Du Flambeau Casino Hotel

2nd floor meeting room

Lac Du Flambeau, Wisconsin 

October 21, 2018 – 1:00 PM 

1.     Call to order by DG Collette

2.     Pledge of Allegiance led by DG Collette

3.     Prayer led by PDG Ron Behm

4.     Song led by Lion Judeen Knott

5.     Roll Call/Sign Attendance- See attached

6.     Approve Minutes of August 2018- Motion by PDG Don Ashby and seconded by PDG      Shirley Lemke.  Motion carried

7.     Treasurer’s Report-Presented by Lion Scott Martin.  Motion by PDG Harry Helwig           and seconded by Lion Bob Bertch to approve and file for audit review.  Motion        carried  

8.     Old Business- None

9.     New Business-None

10.Committee Reports (Please send in report if available for review/or please limit your presentation to 5 minutes.  If more time is needed, DG Collette will decide at that time.)

Missions:  PDG Mike noted all mission trips to Mexico have stopped due to safety.  He delivered a truckload of materials to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.  There will be additional mission trips here in the near future.  An email will be sent out with dates for anyone who would like to assist (this has already been sent out to the cabinet).

WLF:  Information was presented by PDG Shirley, PDG Harry and Lioness Deb.  Information was provided on the Program Associate from clubs to designate (see attached),

2019 Lions Camp weeks have been designated (see attached), a report on eyeglass recycling, diabetes information (please contact WLF for resources), deer hide collection will begin so please collect and bring to camp, remember hearing aides can go in the same container as eyeglass collection, support Lions Pride and Ray Hempel fund as camp receives large donations from Pride,  continuing to have difficulty to find counselors for camps during the summer especially men ( 4 counselors short this year) so encourage those you may know to apply and a report was provided on the Birch-Sturm golf outing.  

PDG Roger report:  Waiting for information from State Chairs for GLT and IT correspondence, 27C2 website has been updated (please look at the new website and format), and planning a zone meeting for his region.

Zone Chair Lion Mary Johanik:  Reported she received notification from the Barnes Lions club has taken a vote to disband, Bayfield Lions club has 4 members and they may dissolve by the end of this year and she brought a Lioness sign for whoever could use it in their community.  

MyLCI: Lion Patty reported numbers are down for completing monthly MMR reports, she will be including zone chairs in the emails hoping if you see clubs on the list that you can also assist with contacting.  Clubs can send her their numbers and she will complete the reports for them if they are not comfortable completing them online.

Hearing:  Lion Scott Martin reported we have 2-5 individuals on the waiting list for hearing aids.  He made a motion to transfer $298 to WLF and seconded by PDG Shirley.  Motion carried.

DG Collette and 1st VDG Mary Ann reported they have been attending zone meetings and district conventions.  They reported on their meeting with the Pelican Lake/Elcho/Presque Isle Lioness Club about becoming a Lions Club.  There was discussion on the report concerning LCI position on Lioness club in the future.  There will be more information on this issue in the future.  1st VDG Mary Ann has enjoyed learning about the work of all the clubs and encouraged the importance of local marketing of the work the clubs are doing for their communities.  

Bowling, Curling and Elections:  Lion Dennis Christianson reported state bowling tournament will begin Feb 23rd in Grafton and Merrill Lions club will submit a bid to host state bowling tournament, state curling be hosted by Medford Lions and will be Jan. 4-6th.   Elections:  a reminder for candidates, their applications must be in to DG Collette by Feb 15th to be on the ballot.  We will need nominations for 1st and 2nd VDG.  

PDG Ron and Lion Tena:  Provided information on the Youth exchange program.  There were 48 campers from 23 different countries.  They are always looking for host families.  If you are interested, please contact Lion Tena.  

Diabetes:  Lion Dick provided information on the new resources which will be provided in the near future from WLF.  There will be a new children’s book for diabetes.  

Leader Dog:  Lion Sandra provided information and requested anyone who does not want their deer antlers to save them for leader dog.  This is the only thing the dogs are allowed to chew.  

Women and Families:  Lion Rhae Ellen reported an increase in women joining Lions.

Leo’s:  PDG Harry reported on the Rhinelander and Mercer Leo’s (31 students) and the projects they have completed.  Tomahawk Leo’s have disbanded.

Vision Screening:  Lion Dan reported 9 clubs have submitted numbers for vision screening for our district.  We have screened 2,045 with 160 referrals.


Zone chair Lion Bob Bertch:  Hurley Lions has joined his region and will be having a meeting with them on November 7th and encouraged the cabinet to join him at the meeting.  He reported on the Feed the Kidz project held yesterday and sponsored by the Lac Du Flambeau Lions club.  

Peace Poster:  Lion Judeen reminded clubs their local winners’ poster should be submitted to DG Collette by November 14th.  

LCIF:  PDG Dennis Knott explained the Campaign 100 program.  He recommended clubs could take one project and designate funds from this to the Campaign 100 program for the next 3 years.  Please remember if you have $1,000 in the fund, you can designate a Melvin Jones Fellow.  

District Convention:  PDG Ron and Sandy Larson, convention consultant provided an update on the convention.  PDG Ron motioned and seconded by PDG Don to approve the meals and room rate presented for the convention.  Motion passed.  There was discussion and suggestions presented for breakout sessions.  A tentative convention schedule was presented.  

PDG Shirley provided an update for the Taylor County zone and showed the low vision calendar supported by Taylor County Lions and Lioness. 

11.  Adjournment:  A motion by Lion Mary Johanik and seconded by PDG Harry.  Motion Carried

Next Cabinet Meeting:  Sunday, January 20th

Future Cabinet Meeting:  April 12th, District Convention

Wisconsin Lions – Multiple District 27-C2

 District Cabinet Meeting Minutes  

Lac Du Flambeau Convention Center

Lac Du Flambeau, Wisconsin 

August 5, 2018 – 1:00 PM 

1.         Call to order

2.         Pledge of Allegiance

3.         Prayer

4.         Song

5.         Roll Call/Sign Attendance-See attached

6.         Approve Minutes of May 2018.  A motion was made by PDG Shirley Lemke and seconded by PDG Don Ashby to approve the minutes as submitted.  Motion carried

7.         Treasurer’s Report.  A motion was made by PDG Harry Helwig and seconded by PDG Roger Weber to approve and file the treasurer report for audit.  

It was noted there was an audit and budget meeting held and treasurer’s book were found to be in order.  A motion by Lion Dennis Christianson and seconded by Lion Rhae Ellen Schnorr to approve the audit.  Motion carried.

8.         Old Business

9.         New Business

a.                  Strategic Planning: VDG Mary Ann will lead our district strategic planning team            and has been appointed as our district representative to the state strategic planning            team.  

b.                  Convention Planning:  Need for assistance.   IPDG Ron Behm has assumed the            position as co-chairman of the convention committee and the host club is Three           Lakes.  Zone Chair Lion Bob Bertch has agreed to be a co-chair for the convention.

          The theme is Lions Around the World.  

c.                  Awards by DG Collette:  DG Collette presented IPDG Ron Behm with a Knight of           Sight award.  A motion was made by PDG Roger Weber and seconded by PDG           Shirley Lemke to appoint 2nd VDG Mary Ann Gretenhardt as voted by the annual           convention in April to 1st VDG for our district.  Motion carried.  

          Our district has an opening for 2nd VDG.

10.     Committee Reports 

District Governor-DG Collette reported on her travels since our last cabinet meeting.  She reports there is a training September 29th all day in Plover for the Global Leadership Team.  

IPDG:  IPDG Ron thanked the cabinet and Lions present for assistance with clubs.  He encourages other Lions to help and support clubs.  We lost Lakeland Ladies as a club.  

Affiliate President:  emailed ADP Hope Dougherty: For the quarter, April-June 2018, the 27C2 Lioness have a total of 364 members, including seven new members. They had volunteered 2042 hrs. 

27C2 Lioness have given $6113 to their communities 

27C2 Lioness have given $2670 to the Lion’s foundation  27C2 Lioness have given $1000 to the Lion’s Eye Bank

27C2 Lioness have given $600 to Leader Dog

27C2 Lioness have given $8800 to Lion’s projects for a total of $13070 to WLF giving

With the community monies included, the 27C2 Lioness have given $19183.00 to help others.

Zone Chairs:

Lion Bob Bertch:  Vision screenings continued and many summer activities by clubs in his zone.  

WLF:  PDG Shirley Lemke: Lions Camp Kids Raffle ongoing and the drawing is August 18th.  Hustle S’More and Donut Dash on this date.  PDG Harry Helwig is leading a tour at camp next week.  

Leo Clubs:  Rhinelander Club is having an orientation in August.  Lion Jill Zwiers is the advisor.  Mercer Club ran a spaghetti dinner and the Tomahawk Leo’s are reorganizing.  

Diabetes:  Lion Dick Garrow is taking a group to camp next week.  

Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin:  PDG Greg provided an update on the eye bank activities.  

PDG Roger requests reports from Leo’s club at cabinet meetings and reports on number of members.  Lions Chuck and Tom from Sayner Star Lake Lions Club received Transporter awards from LEBW.  He requested Knight of Sight applications information sent out to clubs.   

Hearing Program:  Lion Scott Martin reported we have 5 or 6 individuals on the waiting list.  The donations generally keep up with our need.  

GMT Family and Women Specialists:  Lion Rhae Ellen discussed increasing the number of women in our district.  She reported the numbers are increasing.  

District Editor:  Lion Pat Duncan reports she has been receiving more information for the paper.  There are documents going to the secretaries.  She would like to put together an article on how to become a transporter and is looking for the transport list.  

The Wisconsin Lions directory format is changing and will not be done for approximately another month.  This will not be in a book format.   

GLT:  PDG Roger is looking for one zone chair yet.  He would like to have a high resolution picture of each club.  LCI sent an Honorable Mention certificate for our e-district site, facebook and district website.  

Wisconsin Missions:  PDG Mike Lorbetske reports they are meeting in Abbotsford in two weeks.

Lion Dick Garrow received a district award for our Diabetes donations.   

Long Range Planning:  IPDG Ron provided an update to the cabinet.  He will be sending out books for Protocol and club officer’s manuals.  

Raffles:  PDG Roger wins 1st prize cash, 2nd place Lion Bonnie Ashby wins maple syrup and 3rd prize church raffle, Lion Cindy.

12.  Adjournment:  A motion was made by PDG Harry Helwig and seconded by Lion Bob Bertch to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.

Save the Dates:

Next meeting date:  October 21st 





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