Fellow KidSight Vision Screening Team Members (and those interested in getting involved as a KidSight screener)
In order to participate and be ready to support this program as a vision screener the following 3 major items must be accomplished  by you.
1.  Go to KidSight USA and read the materials, take a test, and become a certified KidSight vision screener.  More information:
2.  Complete the attached VIPS Volunteer Screening Form and obtain an updated TB screening test/certificate.
TB Tests can be obtained at the locations indicated on this web page:
The process takes a little over 2 weeks, so please get started next week.  See the process:
Please contact Cristabel Rodriguez ( or PID Larry Dicus with any questions.  Again, it is important to begin the process next week.
3.  Plan on attending the KidSight USA training session at Ketchum University on Monday evening September 10th at 6:30PM.  A separate flyer with the details of time and location can be found by clicking [here].  Attending this session is a mandatory event if you wish to participate in the September 25th pilot event.
Sign-up for the training: 
Again, thank you for your commitment to Lions and this outstanding program.
Welcome aboard!!
Together we serve!
Larry Dicus
Past International Director 
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