“Climbing Together to Succeed”.      


District Governor

Harry Shuster


District 4-L2 Shirt-Navy Blue with embroidered Name, Lions emblem and Centennial Emblem
Cost: Up to and including XL - $46.00 each (without shipping)
1XL and over - $49.00 each (without shipping)
Click on link for more information and order form
Annual MD4L2 International Presidents Reception
            International President Douglas X. Alexander                    
Thursday, December 30, 2021,   5:30 pm to 7:30 PM
Doubletree Hotel 888 Montebello Blvd., Rosemead, CA
Montebello Ballroom
Business Attire/Lion Blazer
Tickets & Information contact CS Nancy McAfee at 562-810-1841 or
Tickets are $20.00 each and on sale now.  Ticket must be paid in advance.  Only 300 tickets printed and sold
Make checks payable to District 4L2 with bottom note: IP Reception
Mail checks or money orders along with 
Name, Address, Club Name, Phone number and Email address to
CS Nancy McAfee 5156 East Ebell Street, Long Beach, CA 90808
Garden Grove Regional Lions (MD4)  Leadership Institute
8 AM Friday, March 18th thru 3 PM Sunday, March 20th 2022
Interactive and Team-Building Training
This Institute will prepare Lions for Leadership positions at "All" levels.  You may be a member thinking of moving into a leadership rolein your club or district.  You could be a current club leader or district leader looking to hone or add to your skill set.  All would benefit from attending and familiarizing themselves with leadership skills and a deeper understandig of how to better serve their clubs, district and community.  Participants are not only provided the neccessary information but the tools and resources needed tto help your club and district strive and succeed in today's current environment.  Fostering "Team Building Skills" with your fellow lion is also a crucial component of this Institute.  In a nurshell, this Institute focuses on enhancing leadership and management skills and expanding participants' knowledge of Lions CLubs International.
Cost: $400.00 
Fee covers the Institute and Lodging from 8 AM Friday, March 18th through 3PM Sunday March 20, 2022
If you plan on arriving on Thursday March 17, 2022 you will be required to pay for that nights lodging at the rate of $129.00 plus fee and taxes when you check in at the hotel.  All meals during the Institute are provided at the Institute location.  Continental Breakfasts, Lunch and Dinner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 
The Institute will be held at the Garden Grove Host Lions Clubhouse, 9860 Larson Avenue, Garden Grove, CA.  Lodging will be at The Anaheim Hotel, 1700 South Harbor Blvd., Anaheim, CA
Any questions can be directed to PDG Norm McDaniel
805-653-6676 (office)       805-340-4849 (Mobile)
More information on flyer. Special price for tickets to Disneyland. Click on link to view.


Fellow Lions Who Could Benefit. If your club has a member who you would like the district to send a card to please contact:
Lion Teri Hall (Irwindale Lions) at

Fellow KidSight Vision Screening Team Members
(and those interested in getting involved as a KidSight screener)

Melvin Jones Recognition

District 4-L2 proudly announces the Lions that received the Melvin Jones Fellowship or Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowships for February 8, 2020 to May 14, 2021 and the clubs that supported them.

Congratulations and thank you for supporting the Lions Clubs International Foundation.

Downtown Long Beach Lions Club
G Dennis J Drag Ph.D. - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship -1st Blue Sapphire
Lion Leslie Drag -Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 9th Diamond
Lion Myra Kremen - Melvin Jones Fellowship 
Lion Delores Thimlar - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Merlin Thimlar -Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 3rd Diamond
Lion Al Weingartner - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 6th Diamond
Lion Linda Weingartner - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 6th Diamond
East Long Beach Lions Club
Lion Bruce Menke - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Douglas Wall- Melvin Jones Fellowship
East Whittier Lions Club
Lion Sharon Sindelar - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Irwindale Lions ClubLion 
Lion Teri Hall -  Melvin Jones Fellowship 
Los Angeles Chinese Lions Club
Lion Nancy Chan - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 4th Diamond
Lion Huo Kent Chen MD - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 4th Diamond
Lion Janieta Chung - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 2nd Diamond
Lion Daphne Fong - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 1st Diamond
Lion Kenneth Ho - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 3rd Diamond
Lion Denise Hsu - Melvin Jones Fellowship 
Lion Paul Huen - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 2nd Diamond
Lion Tina Law - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Kon Leung - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Rebecca Sui Ping Tsang - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 3rd  Diamond
Los Angeles Diamond Lions Club
Lion Alex Chu - Melvin Jones Fellowship 
Lion Shoujing Ge - Melvin Jones Fellowship 
Lion Jie Li - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship- 2nd Diamond
Lion Frank Lu -Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 4th Diamond
Lion Angel Peil - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 1st Diamond
Lion Coco Wang - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 2nd Diamond
Lion Howard Wang - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion James W, Wong - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 2nd Diamond
Lion Lisa  Yang-China -Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 2nd Blue Sapphire
Los Angeles Elite Lions Club
Lion Johnny Chan - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Yaming Chan - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Donald Han - Melvin Jones Fellowship 
Lion Jack Lee -Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Kaiser Mo - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Jenny Wang - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 2nd Diamond
Los Angeles Overseas Lions Club
Lion Jessica Mei - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Los Angeles Royal Lions Club
Lion Amy Cho - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Jany Huang - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 2nd Diamond
Lion Larry Liu - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 1st Diamond
Lion Tina Van - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 1st Diamond
Los Angeles Sunrise Lions Club
Lion Millie Barajas - Melvin Jones Fellowship 
Montebello Lions Club
Lion Emelia Alvarez Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Louis Hernamdez - Melvin Jones Fellowship
PDG Judy Powell - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship -5th Diamond
PCC Roger Powell - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 7th Diamond
Pasadena Host Lions Club
Lion Alan Barasorda - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Calvin Smith – Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 9th Sapphire
San Gabriel Hope Lions Club
Lion Debby Pyng Jou -Melvin Jones Fellowship
San Gabriel Taiwanese Lions Club
Lion Paul Yu Chen -   Melvin Jones Fellowship  
Lion Rue Ching Sung - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 8th Blue Sapphire
Lion Robert Feng-Yuen Lee -Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - 1st Diamond
Lion Juliar Wang - Melvin Jones Fellowship 
San Gabriel Valley Entrepreneur Lions Club
Lion Andrew Kwong - Melvin Jones Fellowship
San Marino Griffen Lions Club
Lion Jing Huang - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Masa Wang - Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Alexandra Chaoling Yang- Melvin Jones Fellowship
Lion Katrina Yu – Melvin Jones Fellowship 
Lion Wenhui Zhang - Melvin Jones Fellowship

Lion Jeffery Martin- Melvin Jones Fellowship

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Student Speaker Contest
MD4 Lions Clubs of California

District Student Speaker Contest
Contact: PDG Chris Ohrmund  E: 
2021-2022 Topic
"How Can Kindness Reunite Our Country?"

Club: on or before February 21st

Zone: on or before March 21st

Region: on or before April 11th

District: on or before May 2nd 
Note:  CHSSA will be April 29-May 1

Area: on or before May 23rd

Final: June 11th,  San Jose Holiday Inn – Silicon Valley



Donations to the Lions Family Center project are suggested and deeply appreciated. Questions? Please call Michelle Vigue at (626) 218-6560.    
























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