District Governor Jim Kugler

Lion Jim began his lion's journey back in 1990.  During that time he has held every club office with the exception of secretary/treasurer. He works as the club's tour director having taken the club on multiple mystery trips and trips to Nashville, the Black Hills and many others.

Over the years he has worked on various cabinets serving as zone chair and membership chair.  He holds multiple Melvin Joes recognitions, a Helen Keller, Dream Catcher and presidential citations.

He's been married to his wife Jan since 1967 has two children Greg and Kari and two grandchildren.

When he's not involved with lions, you will find him volunteering at church, at the local chamber and officiating high school swim meets fishing and golfing. 

If there is one piece of advice I could offer the lions reading this bio, it would be to attend the USA/Canada Forurm.  They are held at various location through out the US and Canada.  The one in September is in Spokane followed by Louisville, and then DesMonies.  You'll meet a great bunch of lions, learn about things going on in other parts of the country and come back home ready to share  your ideas with your club and district.

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