Forms and Awards

Club Forms

Governor's Night Request Form - Word Document  (Cut and paste into your e-mail account, update and e-mail to Governor Terry Wold.)

Governor's Night Request Form - PDF Format  (Print, fill in and send by US Postal Service to Governor Terry Wold      or   cut and paste into your e-mail account, update and send to Governor Terry Wold.)

M&A Report:  (Discontinued:  Lions Secretaries no longer need to file this report.)

Lioness M&A Report (Word)

Lioness M&A Report (PDF)

District Forms

Cabinet Report Form (Word)

Cabinet Report Form (Excel)

Cabinet Report Form (PDF)

Convention Forms

See Conventions Tab at Left

Lions Club Officer Reporting Form

Award Forms

Al Jensen Leadership Award

Dream Catcher Award for Diabetes

Hearing Research Fellowship Award (2014-2015)

Helen Keller Award

Melvin Jones Award

Club Excellence Award

Lioness Forms

2014-2015 Lioness 100% President's Award

2014-2015 Lioness 100% Secetary's Award

           PU101 Form - Lioness 

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