The following foundations are supported by District 5M7

Lions Clubs International Foundation


Millions of people around the world have benefitted through more than 13,000 foundation grants, which have totaled more than $1 Billion. That number continues to grow in part from gifts form foundations, corporations, governments and non-Lions. However, the vast majority of LCIF's funding comes through the generous donations from Lions Clubs and individual members.

Our District Chairpersons are PDG Jim Kugler and PDG Peter Lendway.

To learn more, please see the LCIF web site.


Minnesota Lions Vision Foundation

The Minnesota Lions Vision Foundation has been working to help the blind and visually impared since 1960. Through the support of the Minnesota Lions Eye Bank, their collaboration with the University of Minnesota's Department of Ophthamology, and their work collecting used eyeglasses, the Foundation helps countless people every day.

Our District Chairpersons are PDG Terry Wold and PDG Steve Linder.

To learn more, please see the MN Lions Vision Foundation web site.

Minnesota Lions Diabetes Foundation


The Minnesota Lions Diabetes Foundation is founded by the Lions Clubs of Minnesota and their dedicated volunteer members who are strongly committed to improving the lives of people with diabetes by raising funds and collaborating with partners to do diabetes research, diabetes education, and sponsor preventative health activities that provide a caring and valued community service while helping to find a cure for diabetes.

Our District Chairpersons are Lion Joel Anderson and Lion Mike Edwards.

To learn more, please see the MN Lions Diabetes Foundation web site.


Multple District 5M KidSight Foundation


The Multiple Disctrict 5M KidSight Foundation is part of a nationwide program to safeguard the vision of children aged 6 months to 6 years. Our mission is to ensure eye screening and follow-up care is given to all kids becasuse every child deserves to learn and see the world clearly.

Our District Chairpersons are Lion Mary Curtis, Lion Ann Kaduce and Lion Tim Kaduce.

To learn more, please see the MD5M KidSight web site.


Lions Multiple District 5M Hearing Foundation


The Multiple Disctrict 5M Hearing Foundation was founded in 1973 to promote to the fullest extent the advance of research and programs concerned with hearing health and communication disorders. Further, it was founded to provide assistance in organization and administration of these activities throughout the Lions Multiple District 5M which encompasses Minnesota, Manitoba and Western Ontario.

Our District Chairpersons are Lion Hal Hinchliffe and OPEN.

D-Feet Hearing Loss Walk June 4, 2022:

To learn more, please see the MD5M Hearing Foundation web site.


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