COMMITTEES for 2023-24
Last updated June 24, 2023

Alert (Disaster): Cheryl Bradshaw
All State Band: Open
Bear Lake Camp: George Woodard
Braille Transcribing: Mary Ann Robinson
Childhood Cancer: Roberta Sexton
Children Services: Roberta Sexton
Constitution & By-Laws: Diana Kern
Credentials: Dick Dettling
Cultural & Community Activities: Open
Deaf Picnic: Open
Defense Against Diabetes (DAD) Grant: Terri Huffman
Diabetes Awareness: Terri Huffman
District Chaplain: Bert Furman
District Convention: Kelly Lubbe, Annette Hemeryck
District Finance: Barry Allen
District Historian: Craig Bishop
District Newsletter: Cathy Koning
Publications Advisory: Cathy Koning
District Pin: Annette Hemeryck
District Roster: Cathy Koning
District Tail Twister: Chris Lake
Elections: Vicki Ruiz
Environmental: Frank Ivy
Eversight: Donna Wicker
Hearing and Speech: Peg Griggs
Honorary: Kelly Lubbe
Information Technology: Cathy Koning
International Convention: Annette Hemeryck
International Understanding: Esther LaMothe
LCIF Coordinator: Louvenia Shack-Seals
Leader Dog for the Blind: Dave Hill
Lions of Michigan Foundation: Dave Hill
Michigan Forum: Dave Hill
MD-11 Convention: Annette Hemeryck
New Voices: Debbie Chambers
Nominations: Louvenia Shack-Seals
Parliamentarian: Dennis Lautzenheiser
Paws with a Cause: Dave Hill
Peace Poster: Shawne Lige
Penrickton Center: Peggy Allen
Project KidSight: Teresa Gest
Public Relations & Social Media: Cathy Koning
Quest: Stan Masters
Radio Reading Services: Open
Reading Action Program: Vicki Lautzenheiser
Rules and Resolutions: Roger Bosse
Sergeant At Arms: Curtis Cheatum
Sight Conservation: Roger Bosse
Song Leader: Jim Baum
Strategic/ Long Range Planning: Kelly Lubbe
USA/ Canada Forum: Annette Hemeryck
White Cane: Roger Bosse
Winter Camp for the Blind: Bea Furman
Michigan Youth Challenge Academy: Open
Youth Exchange: Roberta Sexton

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