Zone Chairs

The district governor recognizes your leadership skills. As a leader of the zone, you support quality clubs within the zone. You ensure that clubs meet the needs of both their members and their communities, function within the association’s constitution and policies, are aware of the support provided by the district and strive for excellence and continuous growth. 

You, as zone chairperson, are a member of the district‘s leadership team, including the GMT-D and the GLT-D. You are a crucial link between the clubs in the zone and the district. You motivate, counsel and communicate with the clubs and promote district programs and activities. You also keep the district’s leadership team informed of the clubs’ activities and share concerns and challenges the clubs may have.

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Club President

Serving successfully as a club president begins during your service as first vice president.  

While serving as a first vice president, you will complete training and prepare to lead your club as president.  As club president, you will implement the plan of your club leaders. You will help execute their plans for service, membership growth and communicating your club’s service to your community.  

The Club President & First Vice President e-Book provides a quick reference guide for all the information you will need while serving in both of these top leadership positions.

 Club President Resource Center


Club Secretaries

New this year, all secretary reporting will be done through the Lions Digital Ecosystem (MyLCI | Membership and MyLion | Activities).

Club Secretary Resource Center


Club Treasurer 

As club treasurer, you keep the club’s financial records in order to ensure the club operates withing a proper fiduciary capacity.  You manage all of the financial operations of the club; including invoicing and payment of dues, recording and processing receipts and payments for both the administrative and public service accounts. 

The Club Treasurer e-Book provides a fast logical link to the information you need.  Whether invoicing member dues, paying international dues online or ordering club supplies, the e-Book makes it easier to access the information, tools and resources you use most often to help you stay on top of your busy schedule. 

Club Treasurer Resource Center


Cabinet Meeting Minutes

2023 - 2024

Minutes - October 21, 2023, Cabinet Meeting

Minutes - July 22, 2023, Cabinet Meeting

2022 - 2023

Minutes - May 7, 2023, Cabinet Meeting

Minutes - April 29, 2023, Business Meeting

Minutes - January 7, 2023, Cabinet Meeting

Minutes - October 22, 2022, Cabinet Meeting

Minutes - July 24, 2022, Cabinet Meeting

2021 - 2022

Minutes - July 24, 2021, Cabinet Meeting

Minutes - October 16, 2021, Cabinet Meeting

Minutes - January 8, 2022, Cabinet Meeting

Minutes - April 30, 2022 Cabinet Meeting

Minutes - May 15, 2022 Cabinet Meeting

2020 - 2021

Minutes - July16, 2020, Cabinet Meeting

Minutes - November 22, 2020, Cabinet Meeting

Minutes - January 29, 2021, Cabinet Meeting

Minutes - March 25, 2021, Cabinet Meeting

Minutes - May 8, 2021, Cabinet Meeting

Minutes - May 16, 2021, Cabinet Meeting

2019 - 2020

Minutes- June 13, 2020, Cabinet Meeting

Minutes-Feb. 2, 2020, Cabinet Meeting

Minutes-Oct. 19, 2019, Cabinet Meeting

Minutes - July 27, 2019, Cabinet Meeting

Minutes - APR 13, 2019 Business Meeting

Minutes - JAN 12, 2019 Cabinet Meeting

Minutes - Fall Conference 2018

2018 - 2019

2018 Oct 13 Cabinet Meeting (too large to upload)

2018 July 28 Cabinet Meeting

2017 July 29 Cabinet Meeting

2017 October 14 Cabinet Meeting


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