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District Governor Lion Frank Hewitt and Lion Theresa Hewitt  

2023 - 2024

From the Desk of our District Governor; 

I want to pass along a few words regarding my Theme for this Lion's year as your District Governor. So, what is my theme? It is Lions A.I.D. Lions A.I.D. is something that we know that every Lion can contribute to. It can be effortless to do, and it can truly make a difference in someone's life. Lions A.I.D. stands for Accessibility, Inclusivity and Diversity. Three simple words that can mean the world of difference to some yet become totally ignored by others.  

I have always been a strong supporter of the fact that everyone has an ability. Sometimes, that ability isn't always visible and sometimes we may need to keep trying and trying till we find it in them.  Allow every member equal opportunity to become the Lion that all clubs are looking for. Allow them to be the person whom they are and help them to become the Lion that is inside of each of us. But I encourage you all just because you may not see it right away, please remain Accessible to others, be Inclusive of others outside your circle and never be afraid to be Diverse enough to encourage everyone to join this wonderful organization that we all belong to. 

Lion's A.I.D. - it's something we all can give and something we all need."  

 Thank you.  

 Frank Hewitt   

District Governor 2023 – 2024 

Lion Frank Hewitt  



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Many thanks to Lion WILMA BUSH for bringing us forward into the future. 

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  2023 - 2024 International President Dr. Patti Hill 

 I believe that the power to make the world a better place is

  in our hands. Our impact is what makes being a Lion so       special. Every small act of service creates a personal impact,   and the collective impact of our kindness can change the   world forever. That’s why “Changing the World” is my   message to Lions and to the world.

Changing the World begins with us. It begins when we change the lives of the people we serve and find ourselves changed as well. It grows when we change our communities by bringing them to the table and inviting them to become the change they wish to see. It multiplies when we show the world that real change is truly possible and that Lions are Changing the World—one life, one relationship and one community at a time.

Serving as your international president is an incredible honor. You and I, together, can make a difference. Let’s be bold and lead the way forward to a better future and a world of change.

Yours in service,

Dr. Patti Hill 

International President 

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