A message from our International President: 

My Presidential Theme – We Serve

My Presidential Motto – Beyond the Horizon

My Presidential Focus – Harnessing the Power of 1.4 Million Lions

WE SERVE.  It’s what we’ve done as Lions for over a century. And as a result, we’ve helped improve the world. But now’s not a time to slow down. We’re striving for even more —more service, more innovation, more men and women united by kindness and serving their communities as Lions.

How do we build on our already impressive legacy? It’s simple. We do what Lions have always done. We get creative and reach within our communities, clubs, and selves to discover a new level of service.

To reach beyond the horizon, we will focus on:

  • Moving membership forward by inviting new members and keeping current members engaged.
  • Increasing leadership development opportunities for all Lions and ensuring women have equal representation.
  • Promoting the fellowship of Lions to increase member retention, growth and overall satisfaction.
  • Sharing our stories to show others in our communities and around the world the good Lions are providing.

To achieve these goals, we will focus on the programs that will carry us forward.

  • Our Global Causes, with a new focus on diabetes.
  • Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF).
  • The Global Action Team.

Chart Your Destination!

Every club has a service project they’ve always wanted to complete, yet for one reason or another, haven’t. Together we can help them turn those ambitions into action.

The Horizon Is Ours, 

Gudrun Yngvadottir
International President

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