• Identify and develop new Lions leaders at all levels by increasing training.
  • Enhance the awareness and understanding of the need for quality leadership at all levels of the District through training.
  • Ensure each Zone has three (3) productive meetings a year to address Service, Membership, and Leadership.
  • Improve District communication between Regions by having a monthly teleconference to help each other and make sure we are all pursuing a common goal of providing the best possible service to our communities.
  • Our District Leadership Team will have monthly teleconferencing to keep everybody working as One Team.
  • Continue to work hard to identify emerging leaders and encourage them to attend Lions Leadership Forums.
  • We will promote All Lions to attend the Texas Leadership Forum.


  • We will ensureAllClubs are fully aware of our Global causes promoted by Lions International.
  • We will encourage AllClubs to work together to collaborate on their Services to maximize the impact in their Community.
  • Ensure each Club has a better understanding of marketing techniques to maximize the use of social media and local publications on our accomplishments within the Community …this is essential for membership growth.
  • Encourage participation of “Campaign 100”– Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF), to meet the goal of bringing more “help and hope” than ever before around the world—empowering service for generations to come.
  • Make sure that AllClubs are posting their Service Activities on MyLCI.


  • Ensure each Club has set a realistic “Growth Goal”for the year to ensure they will reach their Goal!
  • EnsureAllnew members are given a proper orientation as well as having a good understanding of our Lions Mission of Service.
  • Promote membership rallies by having a booth at Community Festivals and Sporting events…ensuring the Community is aware of the value of being a “Lion!”
  • Ensure a “Fun”Club atmosphere…making members feel part of a family while serving the local Community.
  • Recognize membership growth of Clubs and share their “best practices”of their growth goals at our Cabinet and Zone meetings.
  • Increase our “Guiding Lions” certification in order to assist our Clubs to be successful, orient and train club officers and members, motivate and support Club growth and development.
  • Work at increasing the number of Clubs in the District, by adding two new Clubs.
  • District goal is to increase our District membership by 60 new members by June 2020.
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