District Goals


• By the end of fiscal year 2021-2022 our district will increase the percentage of clubs reporting service (meet or exceed last years' service reporting numbers).

• Last years number of clubs reporting numbers were approximately 19 out of 56 clubs! Leaving 37 clubs not reporting or 32%!

• Our district goal is to increase that number from 19 clubs to 41 clubs reporting or 75% of the clubs reporting out of 55 clubs.

• Most of the Zone Chairs have only 3 clubs to meet with, their club and two other club, so it would be easier to communicate with them and to hold their meeting

• Our district thru our Zone Chairs will work closely with the Club Service Chairs and their club secretaries. The Zone Chair will introduce to them a tool that has been designed to document the service projects, making the reporting to mylion a lot easier and will keep the Zone Chair and their clubs in constant communication.

• Our district will have (5) service projects on the five areas that we as lion focus on such as Vision Awareness - October, Diabetes Awareness - November, Hunger Awareness - January, Childhood Cancer - February, Environment Awareness -April

Our district will work thru our GST, Region Chairs and Zone Chairs to communicate and suggest different service projects that can be done as well as to motivate their clubs to collaborate with other clubs to make it more fun! Also, to ensure more participation.

• Also, keeping the message out there that “Together In Kindness We can Do More"

Membership Goals

• By the end of the fiscal year 2021-2022, our district will achieve a positive membership growth (meet or excessed last year numbers).

• Our team will charter 4 new clubs with 80 charter members. One new club every 3 month or 90 days by engaging our Global Membership Coordinator and his team to the areas that have been designated as areas that have expressed interest in the past. Areas that will support a club.

• Our District Team will recruit one (1) club in Brownsville the first 90 days

• Our District Team will recruit one (1) club in Port Isabel/South Padre Inland the second 90 days letting them know that the District Convention will be at South Padre Inland.

• Our District Team will also recruit a club in Los Fresnos, people from that area have express interest from the school district, the City of Los Fresnos and the first responders.

• Our District GMT team will also recruit a club in the McAllen area, there has been interest to start a Pilipino Club in the area by going to medical community as well as other businesses and places where they work

• As far as the GMT team goes the idea to recruit new clubs is to return to the technics that worked in the pass and that is to go back to the basics. Not wait for them to come to us, but rather we go to them and do the ask! We must get out of our comfort zone and venture out into our communities and expose what Lions are all about. The GMT team has committed to this yes aggressive and challenging goals but it's not impossible, it is very achievable if we all as a district decide we want to join hands in moving our district into the next level and making it a District again with 1250 members.

• Our District and our GMT Team will work with the District Zone Chairs and Club Membership Chairs to maintain that open communication is always open to help them come up with membership events and to instill to them that with every service project they must do a membership drive and if they need help to make sure they reach out to us for help. This is how we will achieve that every club recruit at least (1) member every 90 days or every three (3) months!

• If every club recruits at least one (1) member with the help of all of us, the District, we will accomplish this goal of 165 members at the end of the fiscal year!


• This is the other part of membership goals that is very important to the success of our clubs and our district. What this means is that if we recruit 165 new members, but we drop 175 members It didn't do us any good because we are still negative 10 members.

• So, as a district we must try to achieve a goal to keep our drops to only 25 members per 90 days, so that at the end of the year we would have only dropped 100 members. This is very important ! ! !

• Clubs should visit with their members every 90-days to ensure that they are happy with what's happening in their clubs, have no concerns, ask them if they would like to see a project, they like done. Doing this may save members.

• Zone Chairs may want to visit with Presidents, Membership Chairs about retention, make suggestions of how to visit with members and have sponsors visit with members they have brought in to find out if everything is ok. Also, there is some members that don't need to be visited.

• So, the membership goals are as follows putting the 3 components together to come up with the final number!

  • 4 - New Clubs x 20 charter members            = +80
  • 1-member each club x 55 clubs                    = +165
  • 25 drops every 90 days                                = - 100


Leadership Development Goals

• By the end of the first quarter of 2021-2022 fiscal year, our District will hold training for Club Officers and Zone Chairs. Our District GLT Coordinator will report each training using the local training reporting training tool.

• Our District Team will ensure that 13 Zone Chairpersons attend Zone Chair training or 85% of them.

• Our District will ensure that we confirm 33% of Club Officers (Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurer) attend officer training

• Our District GLT Coordinator will report completed Zone Chair and Club Officer training in Learn.

LCIF Donation Goal

• Our District will hold a district fundraiser to raise additional funds for Campaign 100 that will end at the end of this fiscal year 2021- 2022

• Our District will have raffles thru out the year at Cabinet Meetings a District-wide raffle.

• This effort is to raise extra funds aside from what is donated already. Our District would like to raise an additional $10,000 to $15,000 dollars extra!

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