To the Lions, Lioness and Leos of District A-2

June 23, 2017





          Here we are, just one week to go in this Lions year. Many of our District goals were not met. However, one goal we did meet was to increase membership back up to 1260 by the end of January. And we didn't stop there!As of this morning, we have 1275 members in A-2. Congratulations! Kudos! YOU did it despite a significant number of deaths and drops.



  • Since my last message, we have hosted a very successful A-2 Friendship Convention. A huge thank you goes out to the Convention Committee.


  • The MD”A”  Convention in Kitchener, was also quite successful with its Octoberfest theme.


  • 100th International Convention, Chicago.

          See for details.

          This is a very special convention and not far away.

          You can still drive down and register there on arrival!


Our International President's theme this year has been “New Mountains to Climb”; mine was “Prime the Pride”. We have tried our best to prime the pride to climb new mountains, to better this world in any way we can. As we enter

our second century of Lionism, let us rededicate our energy toward that end.


International President Bob Corlew's goal was to provide service to 100,000,000 by June, 2018. As of today, in typical Lions' fashion, we have served 159,182,438, well on our way to doubling or tripling his goal! And many service activities go unrecorded by clubs.


Look at your Lions pin and recall that one Lion looks back at our proud past (100 years), while the other looks forward to an even better future. The next 100 years will be awesome!


Lion Joyce and I are ready to slow down a bit and spend more time together gardening and grounds-keeping [we have about 16 too many acres!], getting the house back in shape [a new roof is essential], spending time with family,

hiking, traveling, etc., etc. Now that we're in our seventies, we realize that time is finite!


Joyce hopes to write and paint, has for years. I hope to find more time for music, reading, photography, etc. I might even write a book or a musical.


I believe our District is strong and ask that you all support Governor Jim in 2017-18 to keep it that way. Alone we can do something; together we can accomplish wonders. Keep up inter-club visitations and attendance at Fall Rallies in order to support and learn from other clubs and individuals. Keep the fun and fellowship flowing and remember that we are a part of the largest

and strongest (1,445,591  members and growing!) service organizations FOR the world. Be proud.  


Again, thank you to my Governor's Team, our A-2 Cabinet, Lioness President Laurie Lomas, and all Lions, Lioness and Leos who served to make us better. We 'done good'!


Have a great summer and rest up for the mountains ahead.



Governor John











A-2 Governor's Message, June 23, 2017



To the Lions, Lioness and Leos of District A-2

March 3, 2017

          Here we are, already two-thirds of the way through this Lions year. Some of our District goals will not be met. However, one goal we did meet was to increase membership back up to 1260 by the end of January. Congratulations! Kudos! YOU did it despite a significant number of deaths and drops. As of  a few weeks ago, we were the only District in MD”A” with an increase! Keep up the good work! Hopefully, we can maintain our numbers and stay above the required 1250.     



  • A-2 Friendship  
    • March 31 – April 2     
    • Holiday Inn & Suites Parkway Conference Centre, 327 Ontario St.,  St. Catharines.

          Come on out for fun, food and fellowship. Meet and greet your fellow Lions from across our District. Enjoy good meals. Hear fine speeches. Lionism is about more than just a community club. Application on A-2 website. See you there!


  • MD”A”      Crowne Plaza Hotel
    105 King St. East, Kitchener, ON N2G 2K0
    (519) 744-4141; 1-800-483-7812 / Code "MDC"


  • 100th International Convention, Chicago.

          See for details.

          This is a very special convention and not far away. See you there?


International Week of Service, March 25 – 31:

          Check this out at #WeekofService2017. This is international and involves all types of volunteer groups.  It's not too late to get involved.


A-2 Cabinet, 2017-18: First Vice Governor Jim Lomas is busy filling his Cabinet positions for next year. If you'd like a job, give him a call.


Other Goals:

          The goals of gaining one new Lions club and one new Leo club will have to wait. Hopefully, we can get started this year and succeed next.

          Increasing the number of lady Lions is working, and encouraging recognition of member's efforts is happening.

          We still need to strengthen clubs with less than 20 members. We'll keep working on it.

          We are collaborating with First Vice Governor, Lion Jim, and his Team to develop goals for next year.



          We have trained club officers and Zone and Region Chairs. We have communicated fairly regularly as a Team ie. elected officers and GLT/GMT

Coordinators. We have tried to communicate the idea of leadership opportunities to members and asked Zone and Region Chairs to seek potential leaders.


A-2 is strong. Let's keep working to make it even better!


Governor John


A-2 Governor's Message, March 3, 2017




To the Lions, Lioness and Leos of District A-2

Lion Joyce and I wish you and yours a very happy and healthy New Year.

May you stride into this new year with optimism and hope for yourselves, your communities, your country, your world.

Despite the grim news we hear daily, according to statistics the world is better off in almost every way than in previous times. Perhaps we, members of the Lions family, can take some of the credit.

There is so much that can be better in this world and that's why we do what we do. We serve. Any small improvement in someone's life, in our community or country, or in this troubled world is one more step toward betterment.

We are part of a huge organization and as such can effect change globally.

One point four million Lions, working together worldwide, can achieve awesome results. We are conquering measles, eradicating river blindness, attending to disaster victims, correcting vision, etc., etc. We are a mighty force for good.

As we enter our second century of Lionism, let us renew our zeal and dedication. Let us open our hearts for the sake of those less fortunate. Let us do all we can to improve this old world.

And so go forward into this new year with optimism and hope, doing what you can to serve. May it be our best one ever!


Governor John 



A Message from Governor John

November, 2016


Fellow Lions of District A-2, the “Progressive District”


Time has been flying since my first message. Where did it go?


We had our first Cabinet meeting in August; a good turnout despite the heat.  Cabinet members were keen to get started and have now followed up. Reports at the second meeting last week indicate a great deal of positive action. Go team!

We can still use a Chair for each of Literacy, Special Olympics and Alert.

I have completed 24 of the 41 club visitations. All have welcomed me graciously, provided excellent meals and listened attentively to my spiel. Lion Joyce has accompanied me whenever she wasn't on a Lioness visit with President Laurie.  Several other Hagerville Lions have attended as well. These visitations are real eye-openers as each club is busy and unique.

At each visitation, I speak about membership. A-2 has been as low as 1222 in numbers this Lions year but is growing again. At least 19 new members have been inducted albeit losses continue as well. At last count we are at 1242, 8 short of the required 1250 and 18 short of our goal for January. We can do it! If each club attracts just one more member, our increase will exceed our losses. Please “Ask One” and/or “Keep One”.

Also on my visitations, I have had the pleasure of handing out many chevrons to dedicated Lions, Club Excellence Awards, Lions Legacy Project and Centennial Service Challenge banner patches, a few Anniversary certificates and some other special awards. Congratulations to all! Furthermore, I have asked all Lions to sign a special centennial banner as requested by International President, Bob Corlew.

As usual, the Directory had many errors. To access it on line, go to the website, click on 'A-2 Directory – Updated', then click on the picture of choice and follow instructions. It is up to date. I do have some hard copies still available for $5.00.

A big thank you to Lions Ingrid and Reg for stepping up as Zone Chairs for 4W and 38W respectively.

Don't forget to check out the website and read the newsletter. Lions Stephen and Wayne are doing a great job for us.

Finally, it's time to think Convention. Our theme for A-2's 'Friendship Convention' is “Celebrating 100 Years of Lionism”. Come on out and join us. See the website for the registration form.


Yours in Lionism,  Governor John



Fellow Lions of District A-2, “The Progressive District”.


Welcome to a new Lions year. The International theme is “New Mountains to Climb”, quite appropriate as we move toward our Centennial year. I'll go with “Prime the Pride” as we attempt to increase our satisfaction as Lions and increase our numbers for greater service.

First, let me thank you for the YES vote and the opportunity to serve this great District. I'll do my best to represent you well. We have in place an excellent Cabinet and we'll have a good year because of them.

Joyce and I just got back from Japan where all District Governors Elect were fired up to higher service. We'll try to live up to expectations. Our flights were long, Joyce's sciatica gave her a painful time despite a wheelchair, we visited friends there, had a short tour of Tokyo, and generally had a great time.

Now the work; The 2016-17 Cabinet is complete with the exception of a Zone Chair for Zone 4 West. Visitation schedules are being finalized. The Directory is being worked on. 

Training takes place on July 10 for elected Officers. The A-2 Website is being updated. The first Newsletter is being planned. Goals for the District are in place. Lioness clubs are eager to contribute. Cabinet Meeting dates are being set. Things are falling into place.

Our first Cabinet Meeting will be held in Port Dover on Sunday, August 28, a joint meeting with the Lioness. Details will be available anon.

Our District A-2 Friendship Convention will be held on March 31 and April 1 & 2 at the Holiday Inn and Suites Parkway Conference Centre,  327 Ontario St., St. Catharines, Ontario. 

We'll try to keep you posted about developments. Please visit the website. Lion Stephen is making a real effort to provide interest and information. Meanwhile, feel free to contact me at,,  905-768-3498, or 289-808-0114.


Yours in Lionism,


Governor John

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